Thursday, December 7, 2006

Automotive Search Homepage

Automotive Search
The Automotive SEARCH Network now has its own homepage at, where else, AutomotiveSEARCH.Net.

As announced previously, the
Automotive SEARCH is a custom cooperative search facility powered by Google which is dedicated to offering search results only from an authorized list of automotive or motorsports related websites and directory categories.

Finally, we can use the results we get from
Google, instead of having to search through the confusion of automated programs and utilities that are trying to reign in the "auto" keyword.

Finally, we can offer quality results and skip the spam, as we are using an exclusive list of quality automotive related websites to pull our results from.

Try it at:

And be sure to sign-up as an editor at our Google Homepage if you have a quality automotive or motorsports related web resource. Note that we will not be accepting any MFA (Made-For-Advertising) websites that simply pass traffic and scrape off PPC monies for the webmaster. We are looking for original content
and quality resources.

Automotive SEARCH

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Automotive Search

Automotive SearchSyd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars & Rebuilders has started a custom Google Search facility for the automotive industry. This search engine only offers results from automotive related websites and directories. As it is a colaborative engine, others may join the search engine to add their own URLs. Plus, it is powered by Google's search technology.

utomotive Search
also has a homepage on Google at:

That's quite a URL to remember, so it seems pretty obvious that if you don't add this customized search engine to a website or a blog, you pretty much won't see it and it won't get used. Therefore, we will be exploring our options as to how we will employ it. We may just devote an automotive website to this search engine. Or we may just devote a webpage to it on our current website.

However, that URL is important to us, as that is where someone could apply to help manage the Automotive Search engine. Managers can add their own automotive related website URLs to the search engine, as well.

Currently (at this writing), Automotive Search pulls results from 59 different websites and directories. These are real websites with real related content or associated real directory listings that came right out of our on-site automotive links directory. Many have been our link exchange partners, and hopefully this will offer our partners a little reward for linking a non-spammy website with us.

We are, of course, hoping that others will come along and join us to make this search engine even bigger and better, so that it will become a real resource for English language speaking automotive industry and enthusiasts in the USA.

We do know that we will not be allowing websites which simply show Google AdWords or Yahoo! Publisher ad blocks in order to create revenue for the webmaster who isn't helping anyone out with anything. This is exactly why we have started this search engine, anytime you search in Google or Yahoo!, it seems that your results are plagued with "scraper sites" that scrape a little Pay Per Click (PPC) revenue from the advertiser, and are otherwise totally useless. By limiting our search engine to only offering results from what we know to be real and relevant automotive industry resource and information websites, we hope to offer a great resource for the automotive industry, professionals and enthusiasts, alike.

- Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars & Rebuilders

Automotive Search

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Syd's Eastside Auto Goes eBay

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts starting selling items on eBay on Friday, November 10th, 2006, offering a couple of sets of used aluminum alloy wheels as well as a Lifa 49.5cc motorscooter. An additional set of alloy wheels for a Jeep were added yesterday (Monday, November 13th, 2006) and there will be more auction listings coming soon.

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts is looking forward to establishing a reputable reputation as a great eBay seller and serving our customers through eBay even more. Currently, we are awaiting the opportunity to list fixed price items, and bulk items.

Current offers by Syd's Eastside Auto Parts include...

Sets of Alloy Rims:
  1. eBay item # 330048751538: 4 '95 F150 15 x 7.5 10 hole Aluminum Mag/Alloy Wheels
  2. eBay item # 330048825605: 4 1994 Cadillac Deville 16x7J Aluminum Alloy Mag Wheels
  3. eBay item # 330049994616: 4 '96 Jeep Grand Cherokeee 16x7 Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Our user name on eBay is Syd's Eastside Auto, just like here at Blogster.

We at Syd's Eastside Auto Parts are excited about the ebay auctions, though we do know that we have quite a bit to learn about eBay. eBay was really setup for individuals, so conducting business on eBay as a business is a little different. ebay has quite a few issues it needs to address such as business ID verification and such. But we look forward to a great relationship with eBay as we help each other improve to meet the requirements of our customers.

Additionally, remember that we are a real auto parts & automotive salvage operation. Don't hesitate to call us if you need anything. 1-800-505-5119

Thanks! - Syd's Eastside Auto Parts

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage is proud to announce that we have a complete, secure and encrypted website set up for searching through our online inventory of used parts. We have even licensed the Hollander Interchange database which allows for easy cross-referencing of relevant interchangeable parts between makes, models and years.

The website has been around a while, though we are just starting our blog, now. It is available as Syd's Eastside Auto Parts. We have shortened the web address for the web to the more locally familiar name of Shopping is secure and incrypted, you may buy from Syd's Eastside with confidence!

Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage has been leading the auto recycling industry for some 25 years. Our online presence, just started this year, is a continuing effort to enhance our leadership in the industry and expand our market reach.

Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage not only offers a nightly updated inventory of our readily available auto parts, engines, transmissions and automotive assemblies online through our searchable index, but we also will custom order new aftermarket auto parts (whether we have a used version or not) for our customers at 1-800-505-5119. Also on the website is a browsable catalog of our current (mostly late model) used cars, trucks and rebuilder vehicles.

Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Inc.
is a member of the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and the South Dakota Retailers Association. Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage is a licensed auto dealer in the state of South Dakota, authorized to buy, sell or otherwise deal in used vehicles. Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage also conducts business as Syd's Eastside Auto Parts as we expand our brand and market reach. To simplify our web address and make it easier for our customers to remember, we use and therefore are also known as Syd's Auto Parts, which is a familiar brand within the local community.

Syd's Auto Parts is striving to provide quality recycled auto parts and automotive assemblies through its growing salvage inventory, to offer custom ordered new automotive parts, to sell quality used automobiles, trucks, and rebuilder vehicles, and to offer great service to our customers.

We hope you will enjoy the website. is one of the first online sites to offer e-commerce functionality in the used auto parts business. Syd's Eastside keeps a large inventory of searchable used automotive parts and assemblies online and updated nightly. The inventory even includes larger car part assemblies and units such as automotive engines, transmissions and differential units.

Link: - Syd's Eastside Auto Parts